1921 St. Mary's Road At Britannica

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 1J4 Canada


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1.  Who made the video?  One of Dr. Audrey's favorite hobbies is photography and videography.  She has been making video chronicles of her son's life since he was born.  She uses a Sony M-1 camera (economical and small enough to fit in a pocket) for both photos and video - downloads the images and clips to her computer - and then uses movie editing programs (including ShowBizDVD2 by Arcsoft and Muvee 6.0 Autoproducer available on the web!) to process them.  Once satisfied with the program, she then uploaded the finished product to this website.

2.  Where did all the amazing art glass (stained and blasted) come from?  Working with glass is another favorite pasttime of Dr. Audrey.  She took her training for stained glass and etched glass at On the Edge Glass Studio in the Designer Walkway on Cumberland Avenue in Winnipeg.  She raves about George Shannon's down to earth demeanor and wonderful dry wit.  "It's a great place to learn - to re-awaken the right side of the brain.  I was surprised at how I was able to rethink being GREEN!  The only thing not in my hobby shop lately is ME!"

3.  Does she take odd jobs for photography, video production or commissioned pieces of artwork?  On a case by case basis, Dr. Audrey has consulted for one of a kind projects. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I would like to thank Dr. John for helping me get moving again. If it wasn't for your help I'd still be sockless. I'd also like to thank Dr. Audrey for introducing me to the nearly instantaneous relief of acupuncture and helping me walk without pain again. You two have to be the most caring couple ever. I would have never gotten this far if it wasn't for the two of you. I can't thank you enough."
    - D.M., Winnipeg / Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "For years I suffered with foot pain that made each step a misery. Dr. John found the problem and he has helped me fix it. Getting customized orthotics for my shoes was an improvement and a treatment plan for my feet keeps me going completely pain free. I really like how Dr. John's office can accommodate my busy work schedule to fit in my treatments."
    M.C., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "I have seen chiropractors all my life. Some chiropractors can be very rushed or very rigid in terms of what types of care they will offer or recommend. The care I received at this office was above and beyond anything I had before. I appreciate the availability and the consistency of care options."
    A.D., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "When I had my car accident, I was shocked at how much pain I was in. I could barely move my neck. Dr. Audrey was there for me. I was surprised at the effect that chiropractic care had on helping me to recover. It seemed that when I would start to stiffen up again, chiropractic treatment would settle things down right away. And this was a really good thing because I couldn't afford to miss opportunities or any time from work. That was two years ago. Even now that the accident case has closed I still see Dr. Audrey every month or two just to keep feeling good."
    C.C., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba

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