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Living Headache Free

Headaches rank as the number one health complaint in America.  90% of men and 95% of women suffer from this ailment every year.  Humans have searched for an antidote since prehistoric times.  Archeological digs have uncovered skulls with holes drilled into them in an apparent attempt to free the demons.  Today, we don't try such drastic measures, but people are still risking their health as they try to ease pain.  For example, if you take 365 aspirin a year - or 1000 in your lifetime - you double your risk of kidney disease.  We spend about $2 billion each year on over - the - counter drugs remedies.  There is a better way.


On the surface, headaches seem to come in a variety of forms - throbbing, pounding or stabbing, for instance.  Medical doctors give them different names and link them to various conditions.  You hear about tension headaches, migraines, trauma headaches, sinus headaches and rebound headaches, for example.  We chiropractors believe that all headaches are ultimately caused by one thing - overloading the nervous system.


Consider this analogy.  You plug in your vacuum cleaner and you blow a fuse.  You've probably got too many appliances plugged into the circuit.  The fuse box detects an overload and shuts off the circuit to avoid damaging the whole electrical system.  Your body's fuse box is your spine.  Overload your system and the weakest vertebra pops out to protect the rest of your body (working much like a circuit breaker in your house's electric system), resulting in ailments as diverse as a headache or a digestive problem.

Your chiropractor resets your nervous system by putting the vertebra back into alignment and restoring normal function of the nervous system.  When this happens, your body's innate ability to heal itself is also restored.

This is why so many people choose a wellness approach to health care.  Chiropractic - and other wellness systems - seeks to help you become aware of the energy flowing through your body.  You also rekindle your body's own innate ability to sense and heal itself.

Increasingly, Meds agree. "Many headaches are caused by damaged structures in the neck," says Peter Rothbart, MD, a Toronto - based pain specialist.  Dr. Rothbart's studies reveal that headaches previously thought to be tension headaches or migraines are rooted in neck problems.  Because of this, Dr. Rothbart now refers many of his patients for chiropractic.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I would like to thank Dr. John for helping me get moving again. If it wasn't for your help I'd still be sockless. I'd also like to thank Dr. Audrey for introducing me to the nearly instantaneous relief of acupuncture and helping me walk without pain again. You two have to be the most caring couple ever. I would have never gotten this far if it wasn't for the two of you. I can't thank you enough."
    - D.M., Winnipeg / Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "For years I suffered with foot pain that made each step a misery. Dr. John found the problem and he has helped me fix it. Getting customized orthotics for my shoes was an improvement and a treatment plan for my feet keeps me going completely pain free. I really like how Dr. John's office can accommodate my busy work schedule to fit in my treatments."
    M.C., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "I have seen chiropractors all my life. Some chiropractors can be very rushed or very rigid in terms of what types of care they will offer or recommend. The care I received at this office was above and beyond anything I had before. I appreciate the availability and the consistency of care options."
    A.D., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "When I had my car accident, I was shocked at how much pain I was in. I could barely move my neck. Dr. Audrey was there for me. I was surprised at the effect that chiropractic care had on helping me to recover. It seemed that when I would start to stiffen up again, chiropractic treatment would settle things down right away. And this was a really good thing because I couldn't afford to miss opportunities or any time from work. That was two years ago. Even now that the accident case has closed I still see Dr. Audrey every month or two just to keep feeling good."
    C.C., Winnipeg/Winnipeg, Manitoba

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